IPL FotoFacial is an ideal treatment for skin care concerns

IPL FotoFacial penetrates deep below the skin’s top surface to treat the issues at the source of the problem. In order to eliminate the causes of redness, sun spots and old acne scars, a patient will likely require multiple IPL FotoFacial treatments.

The IPL FotoFacial can truly create a marked difference in the patient’s skin over time, since the skin continues to improve for weeks after the actual IPL FotoFacial treatment. Immediately following an IPL FotoFacial, you are able to continue with your daily routine, without having to worry about any daily interruptions. Each IPL FotoFacial treatment is conveniently quick and takes only about fifteen to twenty minutes from start to finish. Many of our patients seamlessly integrate their IPL FotoFacial into their lives by getting treatments during their lunch hour.

A brief period of facial redness is the most common side effect of the IPL FotoFacial, although this can easily be covered up with liquid foundation, powder or a concealer until the redness subsides, usually within an hour or so.

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