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Cytoactive gel-creme

Cytoactive gel-creme



Product Description

Cytoactive® gel-crème for bruises has been specially formulated for use after procedures that have a high frequency of bruising. The texture, concentration, viscosity, and ease of application of cytoactive® gelcrème for bruises makes it more effective for use following facial and cosmetic procedures.

How does cytoactive® gel-crème for bruises work?

Cytoactive® gel-crème for bruises works quickly naturally and effectively. The emollients, vitamins, and minerals in the gel crème super-hydrate the skin and penetrate directly into the area that has broken capillaries that would typically lead to the formation of a bruise. cytoactive® gel-crème for bruises prevents the pooling of blood significantly reducing the severity and duration of the appearance of the bruising.

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